How To Reach Gir National Park

How to Reach Gir National Park

Sasan Gir National Park located in Indian state of Gujarat is the only habitat of Asiatic lions outside Asia. Gir wildlife sanctuary is the most important and protected regions in the Asia. It houses more than 400 plant species and over 2375 different fauna species. Lakhs of tourists from every nook and corner of the world visit Gir sanctuary every year. Hence connectivity of place becomes important in such case. Since Gir is a well developed wildlife tourist destination and has good connectivity via all three modes of transportation. Here we put is a detail on how to reach Gir National Park.

Below are the road distances from various cities to Gir National Park :

From Ahmedabad 410 km From Rajkot 160 km
From Junagadh 55 km From Veraval 45 km
From Somnath 50 km From Keshod 40 km
From Diu 110 km From Keshod 25 km
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Gir National Park By Air

The nearest airports to the Gir National Park are Keshod airport and Rajkot airport. The Keshod airport is located around 70 km from the park, whereas the Rajkot airport is at a distance of around 160 km. Take a cab or bus service to reach the Gir national park from any of these two airports. However, the best way to reach Gir National Park from overseas is by using the Mumbai International Airport. One can reach the Diu airport from the Mumbai airport via air route and then take the cab from Diu airport to Gir national park, which is at around drive of 2 hours by a cab.

gir by air
gir by train

Gir National Park By Rail

Junagadh and Veraval railway stations are the nearest railway station from the Gir national park, located at around the same distance from the park. Both the railway stations are on the main railway line of the state and connected to all the major location of the country by the direct trains. Take a cab or taxi or state bus to reach Gir from any of these two railway stations which will take around one and a half hour to 2 hours by road. The other nearest railway station is the Rajkot railway station, which is located at around 165 km from the Gir forest and takes around 3 and a half hours.

Gir National Park By Road

The roadways traveling is always an appealing journey and the best than any other commuting option. The conditions of the roads in Gujarat are comparatively good and the road journey can be comfortable and enjoyable in the state. The Gir National Park is properly connected to most of the prominent cities of Gujarat via a good road. There are state bus transport service and private bus service, which offer frequent bus service to Gir from various parts of the state. The cab and taxi are also available easily at major cities in Gujarat to commute to the Gir National Park.

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Being the only reserve forest in the world for the endangered Asiatic Lion, the Gir National Park attracts a large number of Lion lovers for the Jungle safari, which is organized by the park administration. The Asiatic Lion was once considered extinct in the Gir forest due to the heavy poaching and a reduction in the forest habitat and declared as the endangered species. However, with the proper implementation of the conservation methods, the number of Lions has been increased tremendously in the recent times, which also enhanced the tourism activity in the park. The park organizes Jeep safari in three shifts every day from 16th October to 15th June every year. There are many commuting options available for tourists to reach the Gir National Park. Below is the detailed information about it-

Reserve forest in the world for the endangered Asiatic Lion, the Gir National Park attracts a large number of Lion lovers for the Jungle safari, which is organized by the park administration.