Gir Jeep Safari - Tariff

Jeep Price INR 4700 / per Jeep (Indian) | INR 13800 / Jeep (Foreigner)
Timings (16 Oct to Feb) 06:30 AM to 09:30 AM | 09:30 AM to 12:30 PM | 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Timings (1 March to 15 June) 06:00 AM to 09:00 AM | 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM | 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM
Entry Gate Gir Jungle Trail - Forest department organized open Jeep Safari ride approximately 3 hours.
Permission of Gir Jungle Trail, Jeep, Driver, Guide Fee, Permit and All Entries & Taxes.
* Pick & drop is not included from hotels.
Maximum 6 Adults and 1 child (3-12 years) are allowed in 1 Jeep
Do not forget to carry the same original ID (Adhar Card/ Driving Licence/ Voter ID Card / Passport / Student Id/ OCI) provided at the time of booking.
Kindly Note that New Bolero Jeeps has been introduced for Jeep Safari in Sasan-Gir and is provided on rotation basis. If the serial rotation comes with the permit booking, the Guest needs to avail the New Bolero Jeep with addtional cost of INR 1500 on the spot.
Gir Jeep Safari has been SOLD OUT from Today till 29th FebDevalia Jeep Safari is AVAILABLE, To BOOK Click Here

Gir Online Safari Booking

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Note: Age between 3 to 12 years consider as a child

Gir Lion Safari Booking Procedure:

Online Jeep Safari Booking Procedure at the Sasan Gir National Park & wildlife sanctuary is fully managed by the Gir forest officials as per the rules and regulations of India’s forest department.
We are abide by the provisions and norms imposed by the government officials. All 100% of total safari permits of Gir jungle Trail are available online. Entry Permits for Jeep safari can be only obtained online. It is always advisable and good practice to get booked safari permits well in advance to avoid last time rush and lack of availability.
Below is the step by step guide for booking procedure. For advance safari booking request please go through the following points:

gir lion safari

Is Sasan Gir Safari worth doing?

Gir National Park since time immemorial has been synonymous with the majestic Asiatic lions. And Sasan Gir is the only place in Asia where these lions can be spotted in wilderness. Moreover, Gir is bestowed with rich variety of flora and fauna in the Indian sub-continent. A diverse amalgamation of more than 600 species of wild flora and wild fauna, including 41 mammal species, 47 reptile species and over 300 resident and migratory bird species gives serene and fascinating experiences to the visitors in the vast swaths of forest. The presence of rolling hills and rivers originating from it makes it look more enigmatic. One can witness the tints and hues of Gir forest in different seasons, which gives an altogether different and wonderful experience.

gir lion safari booking

What is the starting point of Gir Jungle Trail?

Sasan Gir itself is the entry point of the Gir National Park and travellers need to reach the Sinh Sadan (It is the forest department’s guest house) and next to it you will find the Gir National Park’s reception and orientation centre. It is advised to book for the jeep safari permit in advance for Jungle Trail Safari and then you can come directly at the reception centre at your given date & time and 30 min before the time mentioned in your permit slot.

Gir Jungle Safari Ride (03 Hours)

Jeep safaris are a popular way to explore the park and witness its diverse wildlife. Here are some tips for a successful and enjoyable Jeep Safari in Gir National Park. Jeep safaris have limited seats, and the demand is high, especially during peak seasons. It's advisable to book your safari well in advance to secure your spot.

  • There are 13 designated safari routes in the Gir National Park. Travelers may be allocated any of the routes to each jeep arbitrarily. The chance of lion sightings in every route is equal and it’s purely depends on your luck.
  • Your guide and driver play a crucial role in your safari experience. Ensure they are experienced and knowledgeable about the park's flora and fauna. They can provide valuable insights and increase your chances of spotting wildlife.
  • Follow the park rules and regulations. Maintain a safe distance from the animals and avoid making loud noises. Remember, it's their natural habitat, and we are guests.
  • Wear neutral-colored clothing to blend in with the surroundings. Comfortable, breathable clothing is advisable, along with a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Always follow the safety guidelines provided by the park authorities. Keep all body parts inside the jeep, and do not get down from the vehicle during the safari.
  • Fill the booking form precisely and completely like Name, Age and Gender of the each traveler as printed same on their identity cards along with the confirmatory amount
  • We need original identity card number and type of the card, it must be Passport or Voter Card or Driving License or Aadhar Card only
  • Foreign nationals are suppose to provide their details of the foreign tourist passport
  • Six persons can visit the Gir Jungle Trail with one E-permit
  • Tourists can request for safari booking 03 months prior to their actual arrival
  • Please note that we cannot influence the designated safari route on demand of tourists.
  • Due to weather/unavoidable seasonal condition slight changes may be revised by authority in visit time.
  • Please keep ready the Safari charges amount at the time of booking
  • Id cards like voter id, Passport, Aadhar card or driving license is valid only. You need to carry ID card in original at the time of entering the national park
  • Booking made with incorrect or incomplete ID cards are considered null and void
  • Six person can visit the national park with one E-permit

Important Notes For Girnar Nature Safari Booking :

  • Sasan Gir National Park is an abode of number of wildlife species and the sole habitat of Asiatic Lions. Wildlife Safari Trail that permits to go inside the national park helps you to explore the true wilderness of the Gir jungles and numerous flora and fauna.
  • A single safari rides is of 03 hours. There are thirteen designated routes for the jeep safari inside the Gir National Park and it is distributed randomly at the time making an entry at the gate.
  • Each safari ride is accompanied by trained jeep driver and guide who are registered and approved with forest department.
  • Safari booking for the Gir Jungle trail remains suspended from 16th June till 15th October every year due to weather condition.
  • Safari timing for the morning as well as evening is fixed. On the spot booking for the safari permit is not possible, so avoid any type of disappointment book it online.
  • Gir forest department has sole right for modification of jeep safari time or for cancellation of permit it there any unavoidable circumstances persist. In such scenario the decision of forest department will be considered final.
  • We are merely acting as a travel agent in booking your safari at national park and will not be responsible for any accident, injury, theft and death during the safari excursion .
  • Jeep safari and zone is given as per subject to availability.
  • Jeep safari refund term & condition: a) Refund before 10 days @75% b) Before 5 days @50% c) Before 2 days @25% d) Less than 2 days- No refund.
  • In case your safari is not booked due to reasons like technical error or non-availability of seat, we will refund the whole amount in your given bank account. The same would be communicated accordingly.
  • Safari booking for the Gir Jungle trail remains suspended from 16th June till 15th October every year due to weather condition.
  • Kindly Note that New Bolero Jeeps has been introduced for Jeep Safari in Sasan-Gir and is provided on rotation basis. If the serial rotation comes with the permit booking, the Guest needs to avail the  New Bolero Jeep with addtional cost of INR 1500 on the spot. 
  • Single permit: Single seat permit holder tourist shall, in addition to the permit fee, have to pay for the vehicle and the guide, at the time of entry inside the park. The total hire charges for the guide and Safari vehicle will be distributed equally among the tourists present in the vehicle and payable at the time of entry.