News- Illegal Lion Show in Gir National Park, Case against 12 People for Making Video Viral

Gujarat’s forest section reserved 12 people after a viral video in which a crowd drawn together to look at an “illegal show” in which a lion is spotted murdering and feasting on a cow tied to a pole. It makes use of as fodder in a village in Gir forest.

As per the forest department the investigation states in Devaliya range of Gir National Park the illegal show was arranged on Nov 8. The Gir Forest National Park is famous for its abode of Asiatic lions.

“FIR has been registered against 12 unknown people and three persons have been under arrest for questioning. The action must be taken for illegal viral video. The organizer used the cow as a means to draw the lion for the illegal lion show,” said Deputy Conservator of Forests of Junagarh, SK Berwal.

This video hints, the lion is seen feasting on the skeleton and the group of people altogether watching the video from a distance. Few people are seen making videos on mobile.

 This lion show has been used as a means. We are still engaged in finding the real culprit for the arrest. 

Under the section of the Wildlife protection Act, a case has been registered against the accused. This harassment of Asiatic Lion can’t be taken lightly so immediate action will be taken. 

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