Weekend Guide for Sasan Gir Safari

Sasan Gir Jeep Safari takes you to the dream come true moment where not only you will enjoy the encounter of Asiatic lion but also other beautiful aspects of this place will also let you discover travel-worthy elements for you have come for. 

Be it a mainstream national park or an offbeat one, wildlife tourism has always been one of the most talked-about topics. The whopping area of 1,492 square km is certainly creating waves as the land reflects the glory of India in ample ways. The space contains architectural grandeur such as temples, mosques along with the natural beauty surrounding it. 

Asiatic Lion

Asiatic lions are in good numbers available in Gir National Park and there have been simultaneous efforts to bring in them in other parks and sanctuaries All over India. Now the story is different as the increased number of lions from 523 to 674 in Gir is motivating to create more appearance of the lions in other national parks as well. 

Birds Checklist

Some bewildered factors such as Gir has approximately 300 bird species: 250 on the park checklist and 50 other species, including the endangered lesser florican and the saras crane, in the grassland around the fringe. The species such as painted sandgrouse, grey francolin, various quails, Asian paradise flycatcher, black-naped monarch, and white-browed fantail. Raptors seen include vultures, long-billed, Indian white-backed and red-headed, or king; changeable hawk-eagle; eagles including crested serpent, bonneli’s and Pallas’s fish eagle; and osprey, laggar falcon, and white-eyed buzzard. Nightjars are generally found in the evenings and wetlands like Kamleshwar Dam are good for waterfowl, with Indian skimmer, spot-billed and Dalmatian pelicans.

Going Gir National Park then why not go Devaliya Park as well

If you are ultimately at Gir National Park and you have one more day then Devalia Safari Park is a must-visit. Your weekend determines how far you can go. If you have come so far then why compromise on the exciting view of the Asiatic lion as Devaliya Safari Park has its own charm for encountering the lion. It is true that Gir National Park gives the best vibe for watching the lions in its natural habitat. Encountering Asiatic lions is your aim and the natural beauty of the place is calling you then Gir National Park is just designed for you. The real safari feel is here in Gir.

Best time to Visit Gir National Park

From October to June, you can visit this park precisely. Best time of the year for spotting lions is March to June. The glorious ecosystem of Gir forest lies here so you must explore sasan gir jeep safari where wildlife viewing will be natural and feel good. 

Avail Online Booking Facility Wherever you plan to go Gir National Park, the first thing you should do is advance online booking. Once you do you will be so relaxed and you can strategize the whole trip as per your choice. Everything will remain in your hand and no last-minute hustle-bustle will bother you.

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