Asiatic Lion Population Increases in Gir National Park; PM Modi Expressed Happiness by Tweeting

“Where the number of lions is decreasing in the whole world in such a situation, the population of lions in India has increased by one-third”.

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News update:  Today, let’s talk about good news on lions, which have come from Gujarat’s Gir, that is home of lions. The population of Asiatic lions has increased in Gir forest area. 151 lions have increased in Gir. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tweeted this information himself.

Where the number of lions is decreasing in the whole world in such a situation, the population of lions in India has increased by one-third.

Except South Africa, Gir National Park is the only place in the world where lions can be seen living in their natural habitat. Tourism activity starts here after monsoon season is over.  This national park is spread over 1412 sq km. The park was established in 1913 to protect the extinct Asiatic lions. This forest protected area got the status of a sanctuary in 1965.

Gir forest is a ‘tiger protected area’ in Junagadh, Gujarat which is famous for ‘Asian Babbar Lions’ all over the world. The lions of Gir are seen in the forests of Junagadh, Gir Somnath, Amreli, Bhavnagar, Botad, Porbandar, Rajkot and Surendranagar.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed happiness over the increase in the number of lions of Gir. Prime Minister Modi has tweeted and wrote that there are two very good news; the population of Asiatic lion living in Gir forest of Gujarat has increased by about 29 percent. Geographically, the distribution area (spread) has increased to 36 percent. Congratulations to the people of Gujarat and all those people whose efforts have led to this great achievement.

Lions are counted on the full moon night which is called the block count method. Full counting is done on the basis of time, GPS location, group of lions and their number, radio caller numbers, e-Gujarat forest data. Prime Minister Modi has called the increase in the number of lions positive. Prime Minister Modi wrote in another tweet –

The population of lions in Gujarat has been continuously increasing for the last several years. This is a result of community participation, emphasis on technology, wildlife healthcare, and proper habitat management and steps to reduce conflict between humans and lions. Hopefully this positive trend will continue even further. Earlier in the year 2015, lions were counted. Then their number was 523. In five years, their number has increased to 151 lions.

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