Gir National Park has been no wonder at the top list of national parks due to the presence of Asiatic Lions. This national park is covering the area of 1412-sq-km and the main attraction is king of the jungle. When you are at the place of king of the jungle you have not to think twice as ample things are here to make your trip in a best way. 

There is not anything more awe-inspiring than an early morning safari in the thick wooded area, where a rowdy roar can suddenly jolt you out of your state of unconsciousness or a glimpse of the other exotic animals and birds between the trees can propel a chill down your spine. Apart from Lion, there are no other big cats craving for your notice here. As you are here in the land of lions so your main focus remain on lion the king of the jungle. You are only open to choose now lion that is why you are here in the Gir. 

Gir Safari vs Devaliya Safari 

Once you are reaching you will see the most wanted tourist attractions in the Gir National park are "Gir Jungle Trail" and "Gir Interpretation Zone (Devaliya Safari)". Other attractions are also present here in this candid forest well that are Kankai Mata Temple adventurous Jungle Ride, Crocodile Breeding Centre, Bird Watching and Sasan Gir Museum with lot more abundant adventure. 

Apparently, Sasan Gir safari is an authentic safari experience while Devaliya safari looks like an array of several lions on some predefined spots. While in Sasan Gir you can find lions in Gir jungle which is real trip experience.

Few folks believe that Gir gives better sighting experience as compared to Devaliya Park. When it comes to Devalia Safari there are good opportunity to see Lions/ or Leopards being in Devaliya which is quite small in area. 

Gir National Park Safari is also quite popular with tourists as they can see Lions in open jeep with extraordinary feeling, also along with this, Jungle ride of more or less 2 hours is also of great fun. Early Morning 6.30 am Gir National Park Safari is full of awesomeness. It seems like you are in dewy paradise in winter. 

Without any doubt you are going to receive from this natural earth lot when you are going Gir Park. It is pristine and nature has everything to calm your senses. The cherry on the top would be having the sighting of Asiatic Lion which you attain only here in this park and Devaliya Safari Park

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