New Year is just around the corner and more and more livelihood and celebrations are going on. Every year we indulge in celebration then why stay behind this year? Make 2023 as memorable as earlier you have experienced. 


New Year's Eve in Devaliya Safari Park:

Get away from the hectic pace of everyday life this New Year and immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of Gir National Park. There are Devaliya safari parks one of the best and most contented in the country. Get the most out of your stay by staying at our enlisted hotels on our website and enjoy the full-on adventure. 

Gir Lion Safari Camp

Gir Garjna Cottage

Gir Jungle Lodge Resort

Saavaj Resort

Asiatic Lion Lodge

The Sunbird Camp

Amidhara Resort

Gir Lion’s Paw Resort

Maneland Jungle Lodge and more


These hotels are doing the best in Christmas and New Year celebrations. You can make your new year's days full of light, full of vibes, full of family, and full of celebration-worthy essentials. You can go to enlighten and cheers your days in those certain cottages to feel special on those special days. They give you lots of options to drool, dance, and have fun, music, bonfire, romanticism, adventure, togetherness, and much more.


The wonderful combination of jungle safari and observing Asiatic lions would be like dream come true. Also, you can have the best places to comprise lip-smacking Mughlai cuisines, which contain spicy kebabs, aromatic biryani, and flavorful street food, popularly known as chaats, golgappa, and many other options. The warmth of the place is going to win your heart and appealing safari life for a few days will enrich your soul. Experience the world-class jungle view in unique and beautiful venues in Gir National Park and Devaliya safari park. 


Though all slots are booked at Gir Park till 2 January while you can continue to do your pre-booking with Devaliya. Devaliya has also a wide range of forests which will be making the fun double. It probably comes as no surprise that visiting this place in the New Year will be fun and unlimited with family and friends. Far from the city, Devaliya safari park is a relaxed place to celebrate with the family. The wide range of viewing areas and also along with Asiatic lions there are spotted deer, Hyenas, Peacocks, Leopards, and Crocodiles.


Would it be worth it to go on a Devaliya safari?

In the jungle, you'll find an amazing open Gypsy safari. There are many animals to see, such as spotted deer, hyenas, peacocks, leopards, crocodiles, and Asiatic Lions as well, well that is also a big one. Almost 40 km are covered by the Jeep inside the Jungle, and the chance of spotting Lions is 50%.