There is no scarcity of places to stay in Gir ranging from public housing to ultra-lush hotels. On the Gir National Park trip, you got to have a luxurious Palace & Hotel, around a ten-minute drive from the park. These Gir hotels are true to their name and are truly like a palace with over-elaborate and fine-looking restrooms, made utterly out of marble and contemporary tiles. Rooms are finely employed and the foodstuffs are extra generous. The only disadvantage was that most rooms do not comprise a balcony, yet you have a lawn at such a lavish hotel. However, the staffs are superb in hospitality to make guests feel super comfortable. There are reasonably priced yet luxurious alternative, you can also look at affordable resorts and hotels.

Gir Accommodation Facility

If you stay in Gir for longer and you are traveling with kids and other family members and at the same time you’re on a budget, we always recommend renting an apartment as we chose during our long stay at Gir. Otherwise, you have multiple options for staying in hotels in every category. There are several good-looking and full of facilities hotels and resorts at very affordable prices. This way you will remain close to nature and the destination’s main attraction rather than spending more time on cabs. We have tried Gir Lion Safari Camp and Gir Birding Lodge, which are great options for spending your long and short vacations. 

There are other luxurious options as well which are close to the Gir National Park for your relaxing stay after the hectic Lion safari in the morning and evening. 

The first-rate wild experience

Many national parks held several safaris. It is indeed a matter of luck when you can gaze at a tiger or lion in their natural habitat. It is promising that you will discover one close to a body of water. Safaris in Gir, on the other hand, are tedious rides along with an unchanging route through villages, farms, and barriers. Thrills and excitement present here. Spotting is easy here and you may come across spotting a few deer immediately by sitting in the jeep and driving from end to end on sandy roads. It's that simple. Gir is no less than safari with a thrill such as Jim Corbett, Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, and more.

Gir for wildlife enthusiast

The park is worth a visit if you are interested in wildlife. Gir Park is the only place in India to spot lions in the wild jungle of the Gir. You can spot lions by going to the villages and farms inside and also coming across close to the road. You must have a better experience of Lion safari in Gir like other national parks Corbett, Ranthambore, and more. 

Gir Safari Booking

Book your safari now from our website at an affordable price with maximum services. You will get a jeep for every permit and as per your choice; you can have a full jeep safari. If the perks of the jungle excite you like this then you should visit Gir as well if you take pleasure in nature, wildlife, and being in the jungle.


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