Jungle Safari for Honeymooners at Gir National Park

Are you done with scenic beaches, backwaters, hill stations, icon of love-Taj Mahal now it’s time to keep your wildlife spirit alive and head to the deep forest and surround yourself with wild animals and birds. The team of all wildlife creatures can be exciting for the couples.  Gir National Park is a must visit for all age groups though honeymooners have all the reason to be here to supercharge themselves from the monotonous trip of newlywed. Now be a part of a honeymoon trip at this surreal honeymoon place. The Gir is not very famous as a honeymoon destination of India yet you can have all the impeccability to keep your senses cool and it makes sense to pour some of your expenses into this to know the wildlife from close. 

You may have gone through many species of animals but when you encounter the king of the jungle Asiatic lion then you count this event as your achievement. Bundled with all joy and excitement, honeymooners’ discovery of the forest will make them move by all means. Experience first and thank me later. 

Park is suitable for all kinds of tourists such as family tours, luxury tours, honeymoon special and many more.  

What will honeymooners do when they visit Gir National Park?

Honeymooners have an abundance of things to do when in the park. Most importantly you will have relaxing momentum from the hustle bustle of city life. Lifestyle here in the park is very comfortable and rejuvenating. 

Jeep Safari in Gir National Park

You will have vintage vibes here and the journey of jeep safari will be exclusive especially for honeymooners. You won’t mind to avail the morning and late afternoon safari which will let you meet face to face with Asiatic lions and many more unique species. The forest is not very dense and jeep safari to the different routes or the targeted routes where all exquisiteness is alive. Lucky enough, you can spot lions. If not then you can enjoy the forest life where other wild animals can be explored. 

Where to Stay

  • Forest lodges are the best place from where jeep safari is more convenient. 
  • Vanvaso Resort
  • Anil Farm House
  • Maneland Jungle Lodge
  • Amidhara Resort
  • Fern Gir Forest Resort and more

All the above are wildlife resorts where you will be provided all the lure arrangements for honeymooners’ subtle stay. 

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