Best Time To Visit Gir National Park

Gir National Park is the sole home for pure Asiatic lions, situated about 65 Kilometers south east of Junagarh district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Established on 18th September, 1965; the sanctuary covers a total area of 1412 square kilometers in the Saurastra region of Gujarat. Primarily the park was dedicated to conserve the Asiatic Lion which is identified as world most endangered species. Many researchers and hunters from the different part of the world come to Gir because it is the only place where lion exist other than Africa. Gir has evolved as a stable ecosystem due to richness if biodiversity with its 606 different plant species, 2000 species of insects and 36 species of mammals and over 300 species of birds. Dry deciduous forest of Gir covers a large tract which plays a pivotal role in keeping the climate moderate in this region. So Gir is essential to life in Gujarat.

As the tiger lovers mostly prefer to visit the Ranthambore National Park or Corbett National Park to get the sight of their favorite wild predator, the lion lovers get attracted to the Gir National Park to get the glimpse of the king of the Jungle, the Lion, in their natural habitat.

General information:

  • Gir National Park Area: 1413 Square Kilometers
  • Famous as / for: Home of the Asiatic Lions
  • Lion Census conducted in 2010: Total of 411 Lions of which 97 are males, 162 are females and 152 cubs
  • Altitudes: Altitude varying from 150 – 530 meters above mean sea level
  • Longitudes: 700 50’ 710 15’ East
  • Latitudes: 200 40’ 210 50` North
  • Temperature: Summer 450 C and cold winter night’s drops below 100 C
  • Rainfall: 100 mm in western part of Gir and 650 mm in Eastern Gir
  • Best season to visit: November to January
  • Closed Period: 15th June till September

When to visit Gir National Park

The protected area of Gir National Park is closed from 16th June to 15th October every year. It is the period of when south west monsoon arrives. Literally, December to March is climatically best season to visit the park. Though, April and May are very hot but considered as the best months for wildlife viewing and photography.

How to reach Gir National Park?

The Gir National Park is situated at an approximate distance of 65 Kms from Junagarh and 40 Kms from Veraval railhead. Sasan Gir is well connected to Ahmedabad by Road and Rail network. However, the best way to Gir from Ahmedabad is by road, which takes around 07 hrs. Nearest airport to Sasan Gir is Keshod (38 Kms) and Rajkot both of which are connected to Mumbai by regular interval services.

Read More Travel options to Sasan Gir:

  • Ahmedabad to Sasan Gir – 340 Kms
  • Mumbai to Sasan Gir – 351 Kms
  • Vadodara to Sasan Gir – 313 Kms
  • Surat to Sasan Gir – 249 Kms
  • Rajkot – Sasan Gir – 132 Kms
  • Pune to Sasan Gir – 464 Kms
  • Kolkata – Sasan Gir – 1856 Kms
  • Delhi – Sasan Gir – 1080 Kms

Top Attractions in Sasan Gir:

  • Sasan – Gir National Park
  • Somnath Temple
  • Kamleshwar Dham
  • Girnar Mountain
  • Durabar Hall Museum
  • Uperkot Fort
  • Junagarh Zoo
  • Nalsarovar Lake
  • Mahabat Maqbara
  • Durga Mandir

Where to Stay in Gir National Park

There are ample of options for laid-back stay in Gir Forest Reserve. The accommodation option runs the gamut from budget to luxury hotels and almost everything in between. The forest department operates two lodges, the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge and the Gir Lodge, while several private lodges also exist in the periphery of the Gir National Park.