The Gir National Park attractions are tremendous, and you'll have a stimulating trip full of fun and excitement. Only this park in India has Asiatic Lions, making it extremely popular. We have this enough reason to explore the jungle, especially for Lion lovers. Wildlife travel guide to Gir National Park maintains many protocols but it makes your travel easy and peaceful.


As per the popular saying, the heart wants what it wants! So, how exactly does one navigate through different people with different trips with a unique feel? Your trip will be smoother and no tricky situation? Should you sneak around or be upfront about the way you want to have your getaways? Well, we decided to list down some things that you should keep in mind if you're looking forward to dating for wildlife travel then the guide is a must for the best and easy getaway to Gir National Park. 



It is ample to make your trip to another level to be surrounded by animals, birds, and all the beautiful and peace loving green spaces. 


Asiatic lions are taking over all the glory and getting all attention. If you think beyond the Asiatic lion then you will realize your focus should not be limited to one thing. You should be more flexible and expand your craving and love for other wildernesses. If the destination would have not been popular for Asiatic lions then the next thing people would love to go for this place well for birds here. Park is rich in biodiversity so there is no doubt you will have all that you are currently looking for. 


Best time to visit the Gir National Park?

Well, summer is hot yet you can enjoy the morning safari and late afternoon safari. Winter has been considered the best season for jungle safari. During the monsoon, you can also come to the park but in Devaliya safari park. 


Are you planning a jungle safari in Gir National Park?

It is always preferable to pre-book your Jungle safari well in advance if you plan on visiting the jungle. Online permits are the only way to obtain them. Booking a safari requires your identification information as well. The permit costs vary for Indians and Foreigners. Your trip is ready to go once you have obtained a permit. After checking the ID proof of the member who made the online booking, they will issue the safari permits.


The jungle does not allow private vehicles, and jeeps are limited to six passengers. Safaris along Gir Jungle Trail are convenient and perfect. At different points in the jungle, 13 routes merge into one another. By law, the forest authority pre-assigns a route to you, and you have to follow it. You're more likely to get a better route if you go early.