Your next travel destination can be anything. This is the time of the year where you can enjoy your vacation with friends and family so just take a break from real life for some happening fun moment. Why not try out Gir National Park to have the overwhelming wildlife. One of the coolest ways to travel to experience the jungle moment and the activities of lion is unforgettable if you will be able to spot. You would love to explore the globe with full excitement if you are the real wanderlusts. 

For most of the year, the Gir forest is dry, with shrubs like babul and few flowering trees. Plants such as prosopis and casuarina have been planted along the coastal border as part of the afforestation program.

In the 1900s, excessive hunting of lions made them the most endangered species, but since Gir National Park was established, these animals are now safe and secure in their natural habitat. However, the actual park area is only 258 km, which is actually part of a 1412 km-squared field.

The best time to visit Gir National Park in Gujarat

Your moment of traveling is here now you need to grab the same when you can grab more and more. Sunny days are here to accompany you when it is pleasant. Still we need to let you know when the Best time to visit Gir National Park in Gujarat. 

Gir is the only place in the world where there is an Asiatic Lion. Wildlife is disappearing all over the world. Lions and other animals find the park a good home because of its hilly terrain and mild climate. It is maintained well. According to the 2015 census, around 550 lions were counted, an increase from the previous count of 20. The breeding was properly done, so the species are in existence in the most contented conditions.

Summer Season

Summer season is the pristine time to cover the Gir National Park instead of heat. The park has a great appearance during summer season though despite winter season. 

Winter Season

Winter season is considered to be the

 for sighting and for jungle safari. The area will be encircled by a diversity of animals and birds. The temperature will go down around 10°C and rise up to 25°C during this time. And also this is an amazing time to do expedition throughout the jungle and be lucky enough to spot various kinds of animals and migrating birds. Do not forget to carry warm clothes for your comfortable vacation.  

Rainy Season

Due to the heavy rain, the park will be closed from June 15 to October 15. During this time of the year safari is obscure. However, there is no dearth in beauty of the nature in the monsoon as well. But monsoon is not suitable time to be at the forest as it is wet and dangerous for travelers.