When you think of Gir National Park, you think of gorgeousness like none other, the park that known for Asiatic Lions population. To cherish the best from your trip this park is going to give you stunning wildlife experience. I know you are with us on this. We honestly can’t get over.

The rich biodiversity of the globe is protected throughout the country in over 120 national parks, 18 bio-reserves and over 500 wildlife sanctuaries. We love this fact that in India we are also doing great job in protecting the park and sanctuaries so the wild animals. 

Asiatic lion in Gir and their Condition

The Asiatic lion currently exists namely an alone populace. Incidents of poaching hold been recorded in the latest years. Eco-system is stunning place to discover fruitful wildlife and in Gir there is no doubt that Asiatic lion is making a wildlife tourism encouraged. The poaching cases are deteriorating with the advancement of the jungle protection and there are also terms of making it better with placing CCTV cameras at some zones. 

Wildlife and Gir Jungle Trail

Offerings are Birding, Safaris, Nature Trails or Transformative Game Drives, accompanied by naturalist then environmentalist whose anecdotes redact the tours a vigorous experience for adults and youngsters alike. This is not limited to famous lions only but also for the splendid several fauna and plants concerning the area. Gir Jungle trail is the best medium for wandering into forest and it goes into the deep jungle too. There is also a richness of local culture, folklore, and traditions in Sasan Gir, in addition to a particular culinary palette and an active lifestyle.

Best time to visit Gir National Park

Winter is the most visited time of the year. Though, there are many people comes in summer vacation too. March to June is the time when photography can be done in best light. 

How to reach

Rajkot Airport is the nearest airport to Gir National Park, located 167.2 km away. The second closest airport is at Bhavnagar, which is 193.4 km away. You can make yourself accessible either by air or cab or rail. The most convenient one is the airport.  

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