A refreshing trip to Gir National Park jungle is all set to lift your mood with the wildlife. A protected home of lions and the absolute wanderers love to maximize their happiness by traveling away to the land of Asiatic Lions. 

1. Safari- The national park and safari go hand in hand. The full view of the Gir forest would be a thrilling experience for all wanderlusts along with the opportunity to Asiatic lions view. A variety of wildlife can be explored through jeep safari and having the best eye contact with a lion would be an unforgettable experience. 

It almost takes1.5 to 2 hours to cover full premises. The running view of the jungle and the stopover with the enthralling wild animals is super exciting. 


2. Bird watching: Gir has a wide range of bird shelters where birds feel safe and have full freedom to wander in the forest. Bird watching and capturing them easily is feasible here. Hooking up with birds is no less than heaven. Fascination does not end here because you are going to experience birds’ activities living differently. 

3. Lion show: The Park allows seeing lions differently. Well, that is the lion show which has been conducted for the tourists off and on. This is also a good medium to see the Asiatic lions. 

4. Devliya safari park: This is also a great way to have the jungle safari to spot Asiatic lions. You can view the wildlife at your best. Devaliya can make a significant difference and offers you the best view of the lions effortlessly. 

You can get an abundance of travel-worthy things to explore in Gir so this is the reason why it is very famous. Your visit can be educational, informative, fun, and exciting at the same time. You are getting all under one roof.