Do you want to explore different species in one forest if you're an animal lover? You've come to the Right Place "Gir Jungle Trail".


Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary are widely known as Sasan Gir Nation Park in Gujarat. It is scattered across a 1,412 km² area. With 600 Asiatic Lions, 300 species of birds, 24 species of reptiles, and 30 species of Mammals, you can enjoy your whole day here.


Visit Sasan Gir once in your lifetime for an unforgettable experience and wonderful trail ride.


The Gir Jungle Trail is an open Jeep Safari tour organized by the Gir National Park Forest Department that lasts approximately 3 hours. In the Gir forest, there is a possibility to see Asiatic Lions, leopards, and many other wild animals, birds, and diverse flora and fauna.


It is more than enough to view lions at Devaliya safari, as you will come across 4-5 lions/lionesses. The Gir Safari, however, is a must if you want to understand the ecosystem of Gir and its flora and fauna.


Main vacationer sights in The Gir National park are "Gir Jungle Trail" and "Gir Interpretation Zone (Devaliya Safari)". Besides that, there are different sights on this dramatic wooded area like Kankai Mata Temple adventurous Jungle Ride, Crocodile Breeding Centre, Bird Watching and Sasan Gir Museum, and lot more.


13 Routes of Jeep Safari

A safari is not subject to any changes once it has been booked, such as changing the ID proof number, and the name of the participant, including spelling mistakes, adding or removing people, and altering the safari date or time slot.


The Jeep Safari consists of 13 routes. The routes are assigned randomly to each jeep. Each route has the same chance of seeing a lion and it is purely up to your luck. Many wildlife animals can be seen, including lions and leopards.


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