World lion day is being celebrated globally on 10th August. It is an effort to raise awareness about the importance of conserving lions. There is a silent threat of lions going extinct worldwide. Three million years ago, lions roamed amiably from Africa to Asia to Europe to the Middle East. Lion should be celebrated as they are the king of the jungle. They are strong, supreme and eye candy for the kids. 


The aim of celebrating World Lion Day for protecting the lions and to show the importance of the lions on earth. It is also a celebration of the environment and showcases the importance of wild animals. The king of the forest is important to our ecosystem as they are responsible for protecting the other species in the jungle. The lion population in India is approx 674 and they can be found in Gir National Park in abundance.


The lion is the pride of our nation. Their presence signifies courage, power, and strength. There are many amazing facts about the lion and their presence is a milestone for our nation. Lion makes a huge difference to wildlife and they should be respected and celebrated every day.