Get freedom from laziness & procrastination accelerate your travel goal to nurture your soul. Being surrounded in the land of Asiatic Lions is a feeling of luxury. For spotting Asiatic Lion you can visit Gir National Park, the jungle, only the safe haven for the same.

Here is an interesting fact about Gir National Park:

Gir National Park is not only the most famous national park of Gujarat, it is one of the best known in entire Asian continent. More than 350 lions and 300 species of birds have been recorded here in Gir. The main attractions surely are herds of more than hundreds of vast Asiatic lion roving around royally. The park is also maintaining the 33 of reptiles, 6 of amphibians, and 2,000 of invertebrates have been recorded from the place. Besides the famous lions, Gir also prop up a huge inhabitant of the leopard Panthera pardus.

Wildlife in Close Proximity:

Gir National Park cover ups an area of nearly 1,412 km2, one of the teak dominated rugged high in the world. There is immense mile network of roads that zig zag the park letting you roam to all the top attractions of the Gir park. The highest density of animals can be found through jungle trail stretch. There is an enduring safari camps called Gir Lion Safari Camp, located on the boundary of the park. There are plenty of unseen spots alternative as well as above, from where you can easily watch wildlife so closely possibly, without getting observed or troubling the habitat.

About Asiatic Lion:

You will have the familiarity with the lion as they are tolerant to humans. Unlike other big cats, lions are calm. You are lucky enough to have a closer angle and get to know as regards their surroundings. Asiatic Lions are social and enjoy their family life. This pride of Gujarat is one of the five big cats of India. Asiatic lions live in sultry lowlands, sultry dry forests, semi-deserts, and deserts. They are attractive in appearance and appeal to many tourists. Taking eyes off from them is not easy as you will be mesmerized with the gesture and posture of the lions.

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Final edit:

If you are making plan for visiting national parks then you must visit Gir National Park for the best view from every angle. Meeting with beautiful wild creature who are the center of attraction for all humans. If you are a diehard fan of Asiatic lions then you must visit Gir National Park it is the only place that have kept all Asiatic Lions safe in their habitants. Once you are going then get the full information from our website then enjoy the especiality of the Gir without any delay as fun has no expiry date. You can draw them as much as you can.