You must be aware that Mother’s Day is coming soon. If not, then we are glad to inform you that Mother’s Day is celebrated on 14th May. so this Mother’s Day let’s give our mother a perfect gift with a trip to a wonderful place like Gir. a place full of history, adventure, wildlife, and fun. They have always aimed and worked as a shield whenever we have been in a problem, so they deserve this trip too. Mother is the only person in our life that loves us with purity and delicacy. Now you must be wondering why Gir National Park. so, in this blog, we are going to discuss why gir national park would be the perfect place for this year’s Mother's Day celebration. 

Is Gir a Perfect Spot?

Gir national park is situated in the very fabulous and beautiful state of Gujarat, this is the state of rich culture and traditions. If you are planning to visit here then you can explore around 1,412 square km, as this is the area covered by this park, which was established in the year 1975. So, it is not the only thing that you can explore in this national park but there are many other places that you can visit along with this that we are going to mention below.

1. Somnath Mahadev Temple: This temple is situated at a distance of 33.6 km approximately via road from the Gir national park. This place has good connectivity with roads and you should take Kodinar- Dhari Highway for a great and smooth journey. If you want a great and mesmerizing experience for your eyes and soul then this is the place that you must visit along with the national park. 

2. Panch Pandav Gufa: It is located at a distance of 56.3 km approximately and it will hardly take around 1-2 hrs to reach Gir National Park. it is said that this is a place where Pandavas stayed for a period of time. You can also visit Triveni Sangam and Shankaracharya Temple as there are very near to this place. This place will give you an idea of their living and if you are into history this is the place you really want to visit. 

3. Devalia Park: This beautiful place is situated at a distance of approximately 37 km and covers an area of 4 square km. this park will give you an amazing experience of wild animals and natural habitats. If in any case, you won’t get any tickets for the Gir national park then no worries you will still be fortunate enough to get a glimpse of wildlife through this park. So if you don’t want to take any chance, then it is highly advisable to go for Gir Online Safari Booking, so that you don’t have to settle for less. 

4. Balka Tirtha: This amazing place is situated at a distance of approximately 59.8 km. the story behind this place is that it is believed that Lord Krishna Ji left his body at this place. There is much about this place according to the history, so know more about the place by being there. So this temple is built in the devotion of Lord Krishna. One of the most visited and holy temples of the Somnath City. Traveling won’t be an issue you are going to face as it has great connectivity with transportation and road. 

So wish your mother a very happy Mother’s Day this year with the special gift of a trip to this wonderful national park where you will get a chance to visit such amazing places. Hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day and a happy trip as well.