To maintain a healthy ecosystem during summer the fake water holes in Gir National Park emerge as a great relief for the wilderness. This development has created a good source in improving the wild animals as the water holes are good for all animals and birds in the Gir.  

According to the Deputy Conservator of Forest Mohan Ram, Sasan Gir said the park has already over 140 expected water points that have water inside forever.  Also, 360 artificial water points require water inside the point. 

Artificial water point runs through solar-powered motors and has generally been examined weekly through beat guard that human activity ensures that the movement is less in the forest. 

Sambar and other species of deer and boar love to be at these mud points to maintain their body temperature. 

 The mud point at the Gir National Park ensures the best result for all animals, birds, and insects as they can utilize the presence of these water points and it helps in increasing the population of all species. 

“Such water points are helping out many species so the forest department is looking for much more improvement for the better Gir ecosystem”, said Mohan Ram.