A vibrant wildlife scene and numerous entertainment activities are available in Gir National Park. The opportunity to mingle with locals is also worth it. Wildlife safari is one of the most fundamental elements of Gir. Summer (March to May) is the best season to enjoy wildlife. Avoid wearing garish outfits and be careful with expensive items and gadgets 

What is Great in Gir?

The Gir National Park is a homeland studded with a myriad of wild creatures in west-central India in Gujarat state. It is the dwelling of many unbelievable mammals but nobody can resist the availability of the Asiatic Lion. Gir is as well a very popular tourist destination offering a plethora of options for tourists regarding nature, wildlife, adventure, entertainment, and amazing hotel stay with lip-smacking food. The locals are very warm and affable, and they willingly go the extra mile to see you happy. Hospitable people for your true delight and freshness lies in everything you do. Ease of accessibility and safari ride on jungle trail is awestruck for tourists from different regions.

What is not so Great?

Sometimes excessive traffic becomes a matter of irritation. The ecosystem threats to the biodiversity of the Gir come with cyclones, fire, over grazing, and a few more unwanted kinds of stuff that bother you. 

Who Deserves Gir National Park Trip?

The getaway to the hidden beauty of nature has more and more adventurous activities related to jungle safaris. Nature lovers enjoy the core of their hearts while visiting Gir National Park. A perfect family trip can be planned. Not for beach lovers and scuba divers. 

USP of Gir National Park

Asiatic Lion is the gem of Gir National Park at present many tourists land in the Gir to spot Asiatic lions. This is the only place in India where you can see an Asiatic lion in its natural habitat. Lions are social and they do not hate human presence, unlike other big five cats. Gujarat state is a great state for providing a haven for the Asiatic lion. 

The ultimate destination to see the wildlife

You have a decent chance of ample activities that you can do inside the Gir premises. Hang out with interesting animals is the first and foremost activity you should opt for. Most of the common mammals and birds can be found here but Asiatic lions are stealing all limelight undoubtedly. 

The lovely safari ride to the Gir jungle will make your trip the best and you should not stay with this main by hook or crook if you are here. Because this is what tourists from all corners come for.