In the Outlook Traveler Awards, Gujarat was declared as the Best Wildlife Destination in India. It was decided by Gujarat Tourism to increase the footfall of the tourists along with activities that attract them. Gir National Park in Gujarat is the only place where Asiatic Lions can be sighted which is a matter of dignity for Gujarat after receiving the Outlook Traveler Awards. Also, Gujarat has 23 wildlife sanctuaries along with 3 more national parks which makes Gujarat indeed the best destination for wildlife tourism.

Gujarat Tourism is also working on boosting tourism activities in the upcoming five years so that the state becomes more tourist friendly and contributes to the state’s economy as well because a larger share of economic contribution comes from tourism. Therefore, increasing the amenities at the existing tourist destinations will help Gujarat Tourism in making Gujarat a tourist attraction place on which the work is already in progress by the concerned authorities.

Some of the tourist places are already innovated with fresh ideas like a new railway line from Taranga Hills to Ambaji, a light and sound show introduction at Ambaji Yatradham, and a new proposal by the state government to develop the coastal highways to prosper Gujarat as the coastal tourist destination, and many newer proposals have been made to make Gujarat a tourist-friendly destination in the state. Also, the state is popularizing its heritage legacy to attract tourists from all over the world.

Accountable tourism is about making the whereabouts more enhanced for the tourists to live in and also for the tourists to visit. Analogous to the tourism industry all those who are concerned like operators, hoteliers, local people, tourists, government, and others should be liable for sustainable tourism. 

The Best Example of sustainable tourism can be the Kutch Ranotsav which provides employment opportunities to the local people while keeping nature unharmed and giving tourists a majestic experience of the tour.

The State Tourism Department guarantees the improvisation of the lives of the local people at various tourist destinations places owing to the accountability of the employment opportunities for the locals nearby, along with the latest tourism policy introduced last year focusing on sustainable tourism.

Considering the Covid-19 situation which has become better from the past, the tourism sector is now recovering and people have now started traveling with precautions and without fear.

Foreign tourists usually visit Gujarat for celebrating the colorful and fascinating festivals and rituals like Navratri, International Kite Festival, Kutch Ranotsav, Mandavi Beach Festival and Navratri Kankaria Carnival, the state government organizes these festivals timely during the festive season in order to attract tourists and this will surely help the government to expand its tourism industry.