There are a plethora of things to do and activities to explore in Gir National Park, from thrilling safari, serene lakes, and crocodile farms to ancient temples, and many more such fun activities to relish in one of the top wildlife sanctuaries in Gujarat.

1. Engaging in Gir Jungle Trail Safari- Experience the wildest parts of the country on a thrilling journey. Safaris are available at three different timings to suit your preferences, and each is guaranteed to bring you exciting views of wild animals, including Asiatic lions and leopards. The Safaris are organized through jeeps or canters. 

It combines Jeep safaris and guided walking safaris in a dense Indian forest, allowing travelers to observe wild animals and relish the adventurous experience.

To experience the mesmerizing views of the sunrise, you must head for a morning safari as there are greater chances of spotting Asiatic Lions. Gir is the perfect place to spot the jungle king in action. 


2. Gazing at the boundless horizons over Kamleshwar Dam- The Kamleshwar Bridge, built over the Hiran River, provides the reserve with its lifeline. Surrounded by an extensive variety of marsh crocodiles and other reptiles the dam is situated inside SasanGirpremises. The Gir Park safari is the first pitstop where you can climb the watchtower and see stunning panoramic views of the park, the lake, and some of Gujarat's tribal villages.

The Lush green views of the park, the surroundings, animals sneaking up on their prey, birds chirping and perching high on the trees, capturing the peaceful reflection of the dawn in the waters of the lake, and many more such activities, which is a brilliant place for photographers. 


3. Short Safari at Gir Interpretation Centre, Devalia- Situated approximately 12 km from the Gir Sanctuary, the bounded enclosure with a double-gate entry system is perfect for a quick Gir forest tour. This park was created to help tourists gain a deeper understanding of the Gir ecosystem and understand the importance of conserving it.

This also helps in enhancing the chances of the wildlife sighting of the most eminent animals like leopards and lions. A Small shop is also present inside the park where you can buy novelties like coffee mugs, caps, tees, keychains, calendars, stationery items, and more. 


4. Seeking Lord’s Blessings at Tulsi Shyam Mandir- A Well-known temple situated inside Gir Park is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Made out of back stone, the temple houses 3,000 years old idol of Lord Krishna. Near the temple, there are hot Sulphur springs which are believed to have healing power. Another attraction that draws the attention of the visitors to this temple is the stretch of the road famed for the gravity hill phenomenon located nearby. Visitors make sure that they must visit the temple where hot springs are a major attraction. 


5. Visiting the Tribal Settlement in the Park- The Best thing to do in Gir National Park is to visit and meet the tribal people so as to know their culture and more. The Famous tribes which live inside the national park are the Maldhari and Siddis tribal settlements. As the tribes live inside the park, you must accompany the guides to enter. This will help you get a step closer to understanding the bond humans share with their natural environment in the past before the emergence of urbanization and technology. 


6. Meeting Baby Crocs at Crocodile Breeding Farm- Like anywhere else in the country, Gir has the largest population of marsh crocodiles. Sasan Gir in collaboration with the Gujarat State Forest Department in 1977, post adopting the Indian Crocodile Conservation Project, now utilizes the small area near the reserve itself for the caring and breeding of crocodiles.

The Crocodile Rearing Centre is an interesting place near Sasan Gir Reserve to learn about crocodile breeding and watch these tough reptiles sunbathe or catch prey. Photographing crocs here is not recommended due to their extremely irritable nature.


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