Popularly known as Sasan Gir, this wildlife sanctuary is known around the world for not only being home to the Asiatic lion but also for its efforts to protect this majestic species from extinction. It is the only well-known place besides Africa where you can sight this specie. Gir Park has a unique topography fabricated with sharp ridges, hills, plateaus, and parts of the 7 major rivers of the region like Hiran, Raval, Datardi, etc. With more than 400 species of fauna and 2300 species of flora, it is one of the best places for sightseeing in Gujarat. 

Several unique species of flora and fauna can be spotted like Asiatic lions, hyenas, Indian python, mugger crocodile, nilgai, chinkara, tawny eagle, Malabar whistling thrush, etc along with a variety of flora species like Flame of the Forest, Karanj, Amli, Vad, Charal, Jambu, Sirius, and many more.

One must not miss the famous Gir Lion Safari at the Gir Interpretation zone and watch crocodiles up and close at their breeding Centre. Also, visitors can shop the local fabrics and handicrafts at the park’s souvenir shop. 

A few of the Top Attractions which are on the top of their eminence around Gir National Park are:

1. Kamleshwar Dam- Kamleshwar Dam is one of the most pleasing water bodies situated inside Sasan Gir National Park. It is being praised as an essential water supply source in Gir, along with being one of Gir's top attractions.The Place offers a delightful visit for all nature lovers and is the breeding site for crocodiles. The Kamleshwar Dam is also home to a large number of birds, making birdwatching a fascinating activity. It is a splendid getaway for friends and family, Kamleshwar Dam offers spectacular views of the Hiran River.

2. Girnar Hills- In Gir, Girnar Hill is one of the most sacred places to visit, with its roots in the Vedas. Historically, it is a holy mountain that existed long before Mohen-Jodaro. It entices many Jain and Hindu pilgrims who are here to seek the blessings of the god and behold the stupendous views. In addition, there are many trekking options available here, making it a perfect getaway for adventure junkies. During your visit here, you can take part in a 10000-step trek which takes 7.5 hours and offers many exciting glimpses of the temples along the way, including the Dattatreya temple, Sri Amba Ji temple, and KamanduluKund, on the 9999 steps one can pay their regards to the Dattatreya temple which is the ancient temple among all.

3. Uparkot Fort- Uparkot Fort forms one of the oldest regions of Junagarh and was believed to be constructed by Chandragupta in 319 BC. It is renowned to sanction Junagarh to stand against the conquer attempt which lasted up to 12 years. Every visitor here is enchanted by the beautiful carvings and pillars and the caves which are believed to be built back in the 1st and 4th century AD. A 300 feet moat is another major attraction here where visitors can spot many crocodiles. The Fort is manifested by many alluring medallions of Uparkot rulers and has temples of Lord Ganesh, Shakti, and Hanuman. Other eminent architectural sites spotted here are Navghan Kuvo, Jami Masjid, Buddhists Caves, Baba Pyara Caves, and Adi-KadiVav.

4. Kankai Mata Temple- Visitors can cherish a pristine getaway at this popular temple dedicated to Kankani Mata.It is located 25 kilometers away from Sasan Gir and can only be accessed with the forest department’s permission. It is the oldest and the most respected temple among the Gujarati families and a pleasing getaway for nature lovers. A visit to this serene temple is advised for visit at the early morning hours to have the best experience with loved ones. For religious travelers and soul seekers, it is the most adorable place to visit in Gir. 

5. Nalsarovar Lake- Especially, for nature lovers it is a heavenly getaway. The Nalsarovar Lake in India is considered one of the most important wetlands in the world.The area is home to many species of birds and is a haven for waterfowl. It is a rejuvenating getaway near Ahmedabad and the internationally acclaimed wetland. Additionally, it is regarded as one of India's largest bird sanctuaries and is one of the most bewitching places near Gir for bird watching.

6. Durbar Hall Museum- Durbar Hall Museum is one of the most historical places to visit near Gir Gujarat, also known as the City palace. The Museum has an immense collection of paintings, silver articles, tapestries, costumes, and thrones. The Carpet that was woven in the Jail of Junagarh is one of the most famous attractions here. Also, visitors can explore a variety of paintings from royal galleries and experience a glimpse of royal Nawabi life.

7. Devalia Safari Park- Devalia Safari Park is a ‘miniature replica of Gir’ snuggled in Gir Forest, the Gir Interpretation Zone. With an area of the 412-hectare safari park, it has practically all of Gir’s typical woods and animals. The main aim of the safari park is to raise awareness about the Gir ecosystem’s conservation benefits thereby offering its visitors a spectacular experience. Asiatic lions along with other animal species are expected to be sighted by the visitors. The Best time to visit this park is throughout the year in all three seasons i.e. summer, monsoon, and winter.