Devaliya Sasan Gir Interpretation Zone: There is a lion safari at Gir Interpretation Zone, and you can see crocodiles up close at their procreation center. There is a memento supermarket in the park where you can obtain local crafts and textiles. During the 15 days following Holi, you can attend the folk dance and food festival of the Maldhari and Siddis tribes of India. 

There are several exclusive wildlife animals & birds species here, including the Asiatic lion, hyena, Chinkara, Nilgai, Mugger Crocodiles, Pythons, Malabar whistling thrush, tawny eagle, etc. Flame of the forest, Sirius, Charal, Kalam, etc. are some of the rare species of trees in the park. 

Safari in the woods

The forest safari is one of the highlights of a visit to this national park. You cannot visit this park without involving yourself in these goings-on. For this reason, if you are visiting alone or with children, be sure to add to-do list a forest safari activity. Covering the Gir forest is breathtaking and will surely enrich your soul so you must have safari in the wood. 

Escapade Lion Safari in Gir National park

The Lion Safari is one of the most exciting and lions are only spotted during exceptional sightsee of the park. The park has longest 31 km which have 6 routes. Most important routes for a drive are the Sasan-Kamaleshwar Dam, the Sasan-Kankai, the Sasan-Chodavdi and the Sasan-Tulsishyam routes. 

Exciting activity of Fishing & Angling in Gir National park

The Kosi and Ramganga Rivers are great for fishing for the blonde mahaseer. Fishing is one of the top activities in the form of famous sports that give unique bliss to your heart. Fishing & Angling is of the utmost interest in Gir National park.

Exploration of Bird in Gir National park

Covering sanctuary is full of excitement. The flora and fauna excursion looks very exciting in Sasan Gir Forest. Gir is indeed vicinity for recognizing the exceptional class of birds. Exploring migrating birds who all come to India is quite splendid moment for travelers. They are Pygmy Woodpecker, Bonneli's Eagle, Woodpecker's Flamingo.

Swimming with an Aqua Zorb

If you love water sports, you should try Aqua Zorbing in Gir. For this reason, if you're traveling with your children for the first time, you may find it fascinating. There is no point in wasting your time in this magnificent national park so along with safari you can go for this one of the top activities to enjoy around Gir National Park. There are easier ways to get around.