Gujarat Tourism

Gujarat Tourism actually shows the variety of sightseer attractions the state offers to its tourists. You can amazingly be a part of eating jalebi fafda from nashto to doing garba throughout Navratri, Gujarat is wealthy in traditions and history. There are thousands of tourists wish to have a glance of Asiatic lions which you can only find here in India. 

Gujarat is popularly known for housing one of the most popular national parks in the India Gir National Park, also known as Sasan Gir. This beautiful park is near the western coast of India and the dry deciduous forest is housing great Asiatic lion. This region gets you encounter with the majestic species of lion which can only be found here in this country. The safari experiences will make you speechless offered by Gir National Park as it provides the once-in-a-lifetime chance to observe the lion in its natural atmosphere. The rhythmic experience of staring into the eyes of a lion is a big turn on for the tourists.

Gir tour package for 3 days is combined with relaxed accommodation, fast transfers, delish serving of foods, and the main startling jungle safari, along with other sightseeing attractions. Additionally, you will be fortunate enough some spare time to have glee in the holiday, the way you wish to have.

Weekend full of Jungle safaris

Gir National Park is the perfect base for big-time adventure whether you visit in summer or winter, the historic mining town offers attractions for everyone, from top-notch lion safari options to even bobsledding. There is dearth of adventure in Gir and spotting an Asiatic lions are dream come true for all age group. Obviously, if you live for fresh natural landscape, you'll find abundance of that, too. The individual, longing for a weekend full of jungle safari, getting closer to mountains and other nature essentials, we've got you covered. First day should be dedicated to lion safari to keep the pace with the spotting lions easily. You can avail full day safari as well for spotting easily.

Your three days weekend will be big adventure and you will miss out those memories which you are living presently in the jungle. 

Visit Devaliya Park

Visiting Devaliya Safari Park would be full of opportunity and you will love this place as well. Along with the park you got to cover Crocodile Park, and Gir Museum. After this eventful day, you can get back to your resort and enjoy some indoor activities of the amazing stay.

You can flee back to your place by bagging abundant memories of jungle, nature and Asiatic lion unforgettable sighting experience.