Gir National Park is a very popular national park which is located in Gujarat. It was established in the year 1975, though the sanctuary was set up in the year 1965. It is very popular for the presence of Asiatic Lions. After Africa, it is the only place where you can have a glimpse of lions. 

Don’t when you are in the Gir National Park: 

When visiting Gir National Park, it is necessary to follow the rules and regulations set by the authorities to ensure the safety of both visitors and wildlife. It is not just about Gir National Park but it is about every national park. Gir National Park has its own set of rules and regulations. Here is the list of things that should be avoided when visiting Gir National Park mentioned below:

1. Getting out of the vehicle: You may get excited by seeing cute and rarest animals and birds but that doesn’t mean that you will get out of the vehicle. You won’t like someone entering your house without your permission. Similarly, they won’t like you entering their home without them being informed. As this can be dangerous and may disturb wildlife.

2. Loud noises: Loud noises such as shouting, playing music, or honking can disturb wildlife and cause them to become stressed or aggressive. It can be fun for you but it is definitely not fun for them. 

3. Feeding the Wildlife: Human food does not react to animal bodies similarly which leads to health issues for animals. Like chocolates, food with spices is very dangerous for animals. So feeding the animals can be harmful to their health, interfere with their natural feeding habits, and also gives them a home that every other human visiting there will offer them which later leads them to approach humans for food. 

4. Littering in the Park: Littering is the most annoying habit of us humans. Littering can harm the environment and wildlife within the park. For example, you ate the chocolate and threw the wrapper on the ground while you are in the park, and some random animal ate the wrapper thinking that it is an item to eat. 

And the random animal ate, which is dangerous for their health. Visitors should ensure that they do not leave any trash behind and dispose of it properly. It is advisable to carry your own reusable bag to throw your trash in it. 

5. Smoking and Drinking: Smoking is prohibited not because it is dangerous for your health but because it can cause big damage to wildlife. Smoking in the park can cause wildfires and harm the environment. And not only smoking even drinking is prohibited in the park. You cannot visit the park under the influence of alcohol. As you won’t be aware of the things you do under the influence of alcohol which can be dangerous for you as well as for the animals. 

6. Getting too close to wildlife: Visitors should maintain a safe distance from the animals and not try to approach them too closely or attempt to touch them. This can be dangerous for both the visitors and the wildlife.


By avoiding these actions, visitors can help to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to Gir National Park while also protecting the wildlife and the environment. I hope this blog is informational to you. Have a safe and happy visit to Gir National Park.