Gir national park is heaven for people who are into wildlife and loves nature. It is one of the places on the list of people who have wanderlust. Gir national park is one of the most beautiful national parks in India, which was established in the year 1975. To be exact with location, it is situated in the district of Junagadh, in Gujarat, the western part of India. 

Flora and Fauna of Gir:

You will be amazed that this park has the largest number of Asiatic Lions after Africa with approximately 600 Lions in numbers.  You must be aware of the fact that lions are the pride of India and are obviously very important to the people of India. This national park is just not about this very beautiful and unique creature of god but there are many more. 

You will be witnessing more than 400 species of plants and talking about fauna you will be getting an opportunity to explore the wildlife with a total number of 2,375 varied wild species. It is so magical to witness more than 2,000 insects, 38 varied species of animals, more than 27 species of reptiles, and more than 300 beautiful and unique birds. 

Activities Offered by Gir, Gujarat:

It is placed that is for every kind of individual. It is just not about wildlife but it doesn’t mean that wildlife is not a major reason tourists love this place. 

Nothing Can Go Wrong With Shopping: You can do your shopping (you can buy tribal handicraft products and unique and traditional products of Gujarat) 

Crocodiles Region: You can witness dangerous crocodiles as there is a special region where you can find crocodiles (the only advice to you is that don’t get closer to them)

Photography (For Those Who Love Capturing Moments): Photography is another thing that is very famous in Gir National Park. it is a perfect place for people who are into wildlife photography. Yes, the camera is the thing that you should never forget to carry with you because photography is directly proportional to endless memories. Plus you are going to witness lots of rare and beautiful animals there to click pictures. 

Jeep Safari (The Most Prefered Activity): Last but the most famous and the picked up activities by the tourists who travel there, is safari. These safari rides are going to help you in all the above-mentioned activities. It has so much power that it can make any activity even more fun and joyful. But most people forget to book their Gir jeep safari booking online which creates chaos for them later. So this is a little reminder for that you should book your ticket now with us obviously for no struggle.

Things that you must carry during Safari:

Sunscreen: Protector of Your Skin: First things first, the skin is one of the most sensitive things in our body. And it is really important to protect our skin, so always carry your sunscreen along. You should always remember that the sunscreen you are using should have SPF above 30. It is something that should never forget especially when you are visiting a place with grass and wildlife. Because wildlife can be a little harsh on your skin.  

Baggage, That Will Work as a Savior of Your Things: You should give special attention to the baggage. The baggage that you are carrying on your trip should not just be waterproof but windproof as well. Because you are not traveling to a simple place. You are going to someplace with lots of dust and grass. So it is really important to protect your stuff during your safari. 

Carry lots of water bottles:  Hydration is something that is really important not just for the trip but for life as well. People tend to carry this very important thing with them, so this is a little reminder for you to put lots of water bottles in your baggage. And also drink some water. 

Comfortable Clothes and Footwear are the Key to a Successful Trip: Comfortable clothes and footwear are as important as sunscreen. People often feel that they are going to a new place which means that they should dress up fancy. But you can look good even in your comfortable clothes as well. And when you traveling someplace full of wildlife it is such a smart move for you to carry comfortable clothes and footwear. 

Documents (The Most Important Among All): Don’t forget to carry your tickets and important documents because if you will forget them then carrying all this will be useless for you. 


It is a blog to help you explore all important aspects that why you must visit Gir National Park now. And also to help you pack your bag for the trip to one of the most amazing national parks. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog as much as We enjoyed writing this blog. Have a fun trip with lots of happy and memorable memories.