To all the wildlife enthusiasts done with sighting tigers and wanting to face the majestic lions now, head towards Gujarat. Sasan Gir National Park is just the place for you. The exquisite park is the abode of the almost extinct Asiatic lions. A well crafted 2 nights and 3 days itinerary for Gir National Park can be a perfect long weekend plan. The Asiatic Lions are of course at the limelight, but the amazing safari experience will take you across the wide variety of fauna at Sasan Gir which includes more than 300 Indian leopards, crocodiles, striped hyenas, sambar, cobras, reindeer, jackal, Indian mongoose, fox, wild boar, vultures, monitor lizards, porcupines, jungle cats, owl, eagle and many more. In the mid 1900s, due to rigorous hunting the population of the lions dwindled to 15. However, the joint efforts of the wildlife activists and NGOs ensured their conservation to the fullest, and the Gir National Park was established in 1965. According to the 2020 census, the Lion population recorded an impressive rise in population to 674 in the Gir forest region.

Day 1. Reach Sasan Gir National Park

The first half of your Day 1 will be spent on reaching Sasan Gir National Park, whether coming through road, railways or air. Check-in to your hotel or resort and settle down. Grab some rest after lunch and from evening onwards your real expedition begins.

Head to Devalia Park for evening safari. Spotting an Asiatic lion cannot be guaranteed, despite their elevated population. It’as a matter of luck. Post safari, you can choose to roam around in the surroundings of Sasan. Explore the local market, also do some shopping if you wish, and get your lungs a lot of fresh air.

Return to your resort, have dinner and get a restful sleep to energise yourself for the action filled Day 2.

Day 2. Gir National Park Safari

Morning Safari

The chances of sighting a lion in the early morning are relatively high. So do not miss on the morning Gir Jeep Safari. Choose the 6am - 9 am slot to get a more guaranteed opportunity. If you don't get to see a lion, there’s nothing to get upset about. You will also have the chance to view the Indian leopards, various species of flora, reptiles, birds, etc. If you are visiting Gir during the winters, you can view multiple species of rare migratory birds. 

Drive inside the forest road after the early morning safari to visit Kankai Mata Temple, at the heart of the Gir forest. You can also sight amazing wildlife on the way to the temple.

Gujarat is a dry state and the afternoons are quite hot. Therefore, return to your retreat to have lunch. Get an afternoon nap to refresh yourself and then again in the evening set out for the evening safari at Gir national Park.

Evening Safari

The Gir expedition cannot be completed in a single safari. Drive through the unexplored areas of morning safari. The timings of the evening safari is from 3 pm to 6 pm. Conduct an advance booking for all your safaris prior to your visit.

Day 3. Departure

If you are not done with your forest experience, then go for Devalia or Gir National Park safari in the morning. Thereafter, you can drive to Crocodile Park and Gir Museum. Come back to your hotel or resort for breakfast. Check-out from there and it’s time to bid goodbye to Gir National Park.

On your way back, you can stop at Somnath, just 40 kms away from Gir forest. Visit some of the magnificent and significant temples of India at Somnath.