Gir National Park is not like other national parks. People go to the park for spotting Asiatic Lion which you cannot see in other national parks in India. The park is home to Asiatic lions. For a change, you will be able to see Lions rather than Royal Bengal Tigers.

The global fame of Gir National Park is super impressive and our tourist’s fun lies here when you spot Asiatic lions. Especially your kids know no boundaries when they see their books star in reality.

Enjoy an exciting jungle safari

The fun-filled exotic safari is best pronounced when you take its ride in real. Leaving behind all odds of life and indulging in jungle safari to spot Asiatic lions are mandatory. The forest takes you to discover outlandish other species of animals and birds. A safari guide’s presence makes your safari visit successful and makes you feel that your travel is worth the investment.

Shopping & Cuisines

Apart from jungle safari, you can cheer up your fun tour with some exotic shopping and some food specialty in which you must dig in. The enriching restaurant portion features farm-fresh Indian meals with accompaniments being served to add more taste buds. If you are going, you should never miss any of the fun elements, and all travel essentials should be covered so that no regrets are felt for missing any fun.


The setting of Cottages treats you with all specialties. The surroundings are quite moving and drooling opportunities are immense. Your gir jungle safari tiredness needs some relaxation. My recommendations for your lavishing stay where hospitality leaves a mark by giving you all deserving perks.

  • Saavaj Resort in Gir National Park
  • Anil Farm House
  • Fern Forest Resort
  • Amidhara Resort