Gir National Park is one of the most stunning national parks and the most visited as well. The national park is popular for many reasons. Some of the major reasons are- first thing first, the park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, the activities and experiences it offers to its visitors such as night safari, Gir Lion Safari Tour, birdwatching, etc and last but not least the surroundings. The park is surrounded by various lakes and rivers. Seven rivers that play an important role in the habitat of Gir National Park are Hiran, Shetrunji, Dhatarvadi, Shingoda, Machhundri and Ambajal and Reval.

So today we are going to talk about one of the best dams in the national park, the Kamleshwar Dam. People often misunderstood that the national park is just about the presence of a wide range of flora and fauna but the truth is that there are many beauties that lie within the boundaries of can make your tour to Gir unforgettable and amazing. So without wasting any time let’s know about the river on which it is constructed and also about the dam. 

About Hiran River:

Hiran is the river on which this beautiful tourist spot is constructed. Hiran River is situated in Gir National Park. This beautiful river is a tributary of the Narmada River and Saraswati River. Narmada River flows through the very selective Indian state that are Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. There are different types of rivers so let’s know under which type Hiran River comes. Hiran River is a river that flows in a lower level of the land.  The area covered by this blissful and tranquil river is 518 kilometers and its approximate length is around 40 kilometers. 

About the Kamleshwar Dam: 

This beautiful spot is situated within the Gir National Park. It is constructed on the Hiran River and is also known as “Huran-I-Dam” and most people are not even aware of its real name the Kamleshwar Dam because Hiran-I-Dam is so popular. This dam is one of the reasons behind the growing popularity and tourism in Gir National Park. The surface area of this dam is 8 square kilometers. The construction of this beautiful dam started in the year 1955 and it took 4 years to get completed. So the dam was established in the year 1959.

The river on which it is constructed is one of the most important spots for the ecosystem, fauna and habitat of Gir. The activities that are very popular in this spot are Birdwatching as various birds including migrated birds give a visit here and also it is a popular spot for crocodile mating. 

Reason behind the Dam Leballed as Lifeline of Gir: 

The beauty of this dam is not only the reason why it is super popular in Gir but there is one more reason. The view it offers did not really impress the resident of the national park but the problem it solves for them does. It has a huge population of crocodiles. Beauty and the view it offers to the people only attracts the tourist but the lifeline is given to this dam because it is the reason that the national park doesn’t face any problem related to water. 


It is just one thing in Gir National Park that is quite amazing but there is so much more which is offered by the national park. This park has so much that is not explored yet and it has something for every traveler. So be the lucky one to visit the last resident of the population of Asiatic Lions. If you are someone who believes that you are the king of your life than it is highly advised to visit someone who will surely fascinate you. If you are planning a visit to this national then we wish you all the luck and fun in Gir National Park. We hope that you are clear about the reason why this dam is known as the lifeline of Gir.