Head out for a spectacular travel experience with Gir National Park. The ever charming jungle safari is add-on richness. Travelers love to drool over the Asiatic lions and watching them with family and friends has to joy in abundance. The park is loaded with beautiful views. Since it is closed now due to monsoon season arrives. During monsoon, it is impossible to have a jungle safari so this time of the year is not a good time to explore Gir National park. 

We can make advance reservations, however, once the park reopens. As there is a huge rush when the season is on so it is mandatory to book your safari slots before it gets occupied. 

However, the lion lover will be happy to hear that Devaliya Safari Park will remain open where you can give perks to your craving soul. Asiatic lion can be found here easily as well so Gir is closed so all doors of opportunity are not closed for you. 

Devaliya Safari Park remains open for 365 days

Majestic lions are awaiting your sincere presence and you will also be driven crazy by the forest's natural appearance. 

Heavy rainfall and floods take away all the beauty of wandering pleasantly in the jungle for spotting the one you crave for. The wandering soul always looks for the opportunity to wander to different places where they can enjoy their best with their loved ones. 

You need not get disappointed if Gir National Park is closed as Devaliya Safari Park is here open to treat your craving soul for viewing the Asiatic lions and national park visit. The fun-loving trip will be a great one for your short vacation. 

What is the possibility of spotting Asiatic Lions in Devaliya Park?

Encountering Lions, Cheetahs, Spotted Deers, Sambars, Blue Bulls, Jackals, etc are in a true sense real joy and an unforgettable experience for the wanderers. The thrill-seeker's fun fulfilling journey will be rewarded with a sure sighting of Asiatic lions. So you are fully assured in terms of spotting. 

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