The thrilling opportunity awaits you at the Gir National Park and getting mingled with the nature. The combination of tranquil time and the outlandish atmosphere leaves huge impact on your senses. Flaunting the ambiance of the place is obvious when your exploration is on point. Making the most of your trip are full of enthusiasts. Whether you are going Gir with your family, friends or your girl’s squad or boy’s squad, fun is always there. 

Gir is all set to offer you with its full potential the life of adventure and of course spotting Asiatic lion is crave for all the tourists who come out here. If you are planning your solo trip then you must not forget to explore carefully and open to interact with others as well. Life is full of wanderers and the cid in you is always there only you need to boost it time to time. 

A wide variety of activities are available, from outdoor adventures to indoor activities. There's something for everyone on the go, in spite of whether you're a passionate traveler or just looking for a modest enthusiasm on your holiday. We will take you on a travel around of several exciting and unique activities in Gir National Park. 

Here are some of the exciting activities that you should explore when you are in Gir.

Explore the jungle on a thrilling safari

There is always something very motivating and pleasurable about taking a safari in the world of big cats. There is nothing more breathtaking than fix your eyes on wild, fierce Asiatic Lions on these expeditions. It is believed that the Gir Interpretation Zone is the best place for Lion Safaris, since there is a high density of lions there. A safari is conducted twice a day, once between 8 and 11 in the morning and once between 3 and 5 in the evening, and only six people can fit into the jeep at a time. Witnessing the thrill you get here is one hell of an experience.

Get the most out of your bird watching experience

Heading to a sanctuary or a national park is always full of anticipation. For most of the people flora and fauna tour excites them because of the bird watching opportunity in Sasan Gir Forest. Gir is an ultimate place for spotting the extraordinary species of birds. Usually, the period between December to February is known to be the best time for this doings. During this time of the year many migrating birds visit to India, which include Pygmy Woodpecker, Bonneli’s Eagle, Woodpecker’s Flamingo and many more.

There are many other activities which you will find totally interesting while being here. Do not hold back and indulge the fullest in the Gir park as there are lot to discover here.