Located on the western coast of India, Gujarat is a state of hospitable tourism, where ‘Aavo Padharo’ is the term used to welcome visitors. Guests are treated as Gods, much akin to the entire Indian culture. Gujarat is a valuable state in India, embellished with many priceless gems - hills, beaches, natural grandeur, rich culture, history, prominent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Vikram Sarabhai and many more, temples, wildlife sanctuaries and so on. One of the Char Dham shrines, Dwarkadish is also proudly located in Gujarat. Among all one such gem is Junagadh, located on the foothills of Girnar, in Shaurashstra. Junagadh can be categorized as lesser known place tucked in Gujarat but does not fail to mesmerise its visitors. 

Junagadh refers to ‘old fort’, and was once a princely state during the reign of Nawabs. The place is also known for Kesari mangoes. Other than the Nawabs of Afghanistan’s Pashtun, Junagadh is also the spectator of several other dynasties such as Mauryan, Chudasam, etc.  The monumental structures portray the multi-cultural historical backdrop of the city. 

Junagadh can be reached by boarding a train to Junagadh Junction. However, there is no airport at Junagadh and the nearest one is at Rajkot. The place is also well-networked by National and State Highways. 

Wonderful Attractions, Junagadh Serves for Tourism

Places to visit in Junagadh

1. Uperkot Fort - The Uperkot Fort is believed to have been erected during the Mauryan dynasty and later conquered by the Chudama dynasty. There is a canon in the courtyard and the inner gateways of the high-standing walls are carved of stones. Jama Masjid, believed to be built by Mahmud Begada, is within the premises of the fort.

2. Ashoka Edicts - A great place for history buffs, Ashoka Edicts has inscriptions preached by the great emperor Ashoka. His life’s story and 16 principles are all inscribed here after he left the path of violence and embraced the virtues of Buddhism. 

3. Buddhist caves - These rock-carved rooms were the headquarters of the Buddhist monks. These cave-like spaces were built during the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. These Buddhist caves are a unique sight in Junagadh. The oldest of these caves was named Khapra Kodia caves.

4. Mohabbat Maqbara - The monument is the tomb of Bahaduddinbhai Hasainbhai. The architecture and interiors of the mausoleum have the adoptions of Gothic and Indo-Islamic styles, which make it distinguished from others. The spiral-winding staircases on the four minarets also enhance the unique view of Mohabbat Maqbara.

5. Wellington Dam - The dam was built by the British to provide a source of water to Junagadh city. Presently it is a significant tourist attraction.

Places to visit near Junagadh

1. Gir National Park - The trip to Gujarat must never miss a Gir Safari Booking to sight the majestic Asiatic lions. It is about 73 km from Junagadh. On 18th September 1965, the Government declared the geographical extent of Sasan Gir a wildlife sanctuary to safeguard the dwindling population of lions.

2. Girnar Hills - A few kilometers away from the main Junagadh town, Girnar Hills stands beautifully with their existence since the Mohenjo-Daro Period. Both Hindu and Jain devotees consider Girnar Hills to be a sacred place its mentions can be traced in Vedic texts. 

3. Damodar Kund - Merely 4.4 km from Junagadh, Damodar Kund is believed to possess sacred values. People come here to perform the last rites of their deceased relatives. Several temples are stationed near this holy lake. 

4. Dattatreya Temple - It is located atop the Girnar Hills. Tourists or pilgrims undergo a long trek to reach the temple. A 360-degree view of Junagadh city is visible from the temple. The temple is the home to the holy trinity of Hindu mythology - Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and therefore holds a high spiritual significance.