In 2019, there had been 6 incidents and 15 persons were caught in Gir park. In 2020, there are 2 incidents while in 2018 there wasn’t one case of rhino poaching.

Since 2018, 8 cases of poaching have been identified in Gir Sanctuary. Though, the government has not yet stated which animals exactly were poached in these cases.

The five cases were not yet identified. There aren’t many cases that happened yet inside the park. 18 people were arrested since 2007 for poaching 8 Asiatic lions in 3 different cities and Gir Sanctuary.

Gir Sanctuary is an ultimate region for tourists including its all belongings safe is our Government responsibility. Poaching cases aren’t in a sizable amount yet, Government is managing to minimize the poaching cases so these are showing our win. Gujarat Government is already in action and making necessary changes by recording the progress of vehicles passing through the park through CCTV cameras. Also, 75 lions are manually radio-collared; every movement of the lions goes to get monitored. Process of those is the method towards progress.